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福正宗 酒歳時記 吟醸新酒ラベル


金沢の酒蔵である福光屋の日本酒「福正宗 酒歳時記 吟醸新酒」のラベルの作画を担当。お正月に向けた干支ラベルということで、天神様を信仰していたとされる加賀の前田利家公に因み、臥牛や梅、新春らしく春告げ鳥が描かれている。原画は和紙に筒描で染色したものを使用。




Design,Illustration:Keigo Kamide



(Seasonal Sake) 

Ginjo Shin-shu (Sake Nouveau) / Label Design

This is the label of “FUKUMASAMUNE Sake-Saijiki (Seasonal Sake) Ginjo Shin-shu (Sake Nouveau)” from Fukumitsuya, a sake brewery in Kanazawa. 


We designed the label with the Japanese Zodiac for the New Year’s limited edition sake, depicting a cow lying down, a plum tree, and the birds that herald spring to mark the New Year, in reference to Toshiie Maeda, the first lord of Kaga province who is believed to revere the Tenjin*. 

The original work was dyed with Tsutsugaki technique on Japanese paper.


*Sugawara Michizane, God of learning in Shinto-Faith, and the symbol of Tenjin’s messenger is a cow.


**Tsutsugaki is one of the Japanese dyeing techniques that involve drawing by squeezing out the resisting agent made from glutinous rice or other ingredients from a tube (Tsutsu).

The label design was created based on the original work drawn by Tsutsugaki on Japanese paper.


***Since its launch in 1986, FUKUMASAMUNE Sake-Saijiki (Seasonal Sake) had been a popular series with seasonal labels drawn by leading artists. Kamide was invited to create labels for each season for 2021.

Design,Illustration:Keigo Kamide



▼Work in progress

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