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Seasir/ヒビヲウタウ CDジャケット


Seasir / Trumpet (DOBERMAN , ex.浅草ジンタ)

中学生時代にトランペットと出会い、以来、始めたバンド活動にのめり呑む。浅草ジンタへ加入後、国内・国外問わずLIVE TOURやFES出演を行う。盟友MONGOL800を始めとする、様々なアーティストの作品・ライブへ多数参加。また、CMや映画・楽曲制作アレンジなど、活動は多岐にわたる。浅草ジンタ脱退後、しばらくソロ活動を行っていたが、旧知のDOBERMANに熱心な誘いを受けバンド加入を決断。2020年リリース木梨憲武ソロプロジェクトへDOBERMANとして提供した、「ホネまでヨロシク」にて作曲を担当。念願のソロ作品「ヒビヲウタウ」を20年12月10日にAloha Blossom Recordsより発売する。

Illustration:Keigo Kamide


Photo:Hiroyuki Matsumoto(UNIT.DESIGN)

Client:有限会社ALOHA BLOSSOM 81

Seasir / Hibi-wo-Utau 

Album Cover

Illustration for Album cover of Hibi wo Utau, the first solo album of Seasir, a Japanese trumpet artist. 

With the old blue porcelain drawing style, Seasir playing his trumpet and Strelitzia, which is one of the titles of the songs recorded, are illustrated.

The original drawing for this album was created with blue and white pottery drawing techniques using glaze on a porcelain panel, making a Kutani porcelain-like appearance on the album cover.


Seasir / Trumpeter (DOBERMAN, ex-ASAKUSA JINTA)

Seasir found interest in playing his trumpet for the first time when he was in junior high. Since then, he has devoted his time and effort to music band activities. After joining ASAKUSA JINTA, he performed at live tours and music festivals domestically and internationally. Seasir appeared in several performances and records for various artists, one of which was for his close friend MONGOL800. He also was involved in other activities such as arranging music for TV commercials and movies. After leaving ASAKUSA JINTA, he engaged in solo activities until his old friend passionately invited him into DOBERMAN. He then composed the song “Honemade-Yoroshiku (Feat. Doberman )” for Kinashi Noritake’s solo project, released in 2020, which Seasir provided as DOBERMAN. His long-awaited solo album “Hibi-wo-Utau” was released from ALOHA BLOSSOM RECORDS on December 10th, 2020.

Illustration:Keigo Kamide

Production:Kutani Choemon

Photo:Hiroyuki Matsumoto(UNIT.DESIGN)



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